Idealized landscapes, childhood memories, abstract daydreams... 

Educated in Fine art and scenography, Alexia’s main preoccupation was to tell stories. Whether she was using video, photography or drawing, this has crystallized over time on creating and assembling patterns.

The Studio

Entrepreneur, Alexia de Ville first took a multidisciplinary artistic training in Brussels and London, before launching in 2014 her creative workshop in the Belgian capital. An accomplished visual artist, she takes on all mediums to give substance to her ideas, moving freely from engraving to collage, from drawing to photography, etc., before refining her research with graphic programs. Each year, she brings to life a new collection of high-end wallpapers made in Belgium. 

An ecological and local concept:

The production of Tenue de Ville is always part of a local and environmental approach. As with previous collections, all of Saudade's work is done in Belgium. The inks used are water based, and the paper is FSC certified, to ensure sustainable forest management.